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Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic

The treatments are dedicated to treating hormonal disorders and various pathologies related to the female genital system. The obstetrics clinic is dedicated to the monitoring of pregnancies as well as the preparation, execution and follow-up of births.
Local technologique pour médecin spécialisé

Ophthalmology Clinic - Coming Soon

Human eyes naturally create a tear film to protect themself and avoid irritation. As some people’s eyes have difficulties producing a correct or appropriate amount of tear film, our ophthalmologists help them overcome this type of eye problem by giving appropriate treatments.
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Aesthetic-care Service - Coming Soon

Crowley Medical Clinic provides specialized health care (without surgery) to correct both bodies and faces unsightly features caused by ageing effects.
Local pour médecin familial à la Clinique Crowley

Minor Surgeries - Coming Soon

At Crowley Medical Clinic, we provide health care and treatments for small wounds, abscesses, and other minor problems.
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Blood Collection - Coming Soon

Crowley will be happy to help you with your blood collection request. Fast, specialized service. Cost associated.
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Podiatry Service - Coming Soon

The Crowley Medical Clinic ensures podiatry services specialized in foot conditions and foot, muscle, and articulation pain relief.
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