Stéthoscope d'un médecin au Centre Crowley

Family doctor

Analyse de résultats médicaux au Centre Crowley

Health Practitioner

Family doctor

“Our family doctors help you maintain and improve your health by preventing the onset of diseases, assessing and treating occasional discomfort and diseases, and doing follow-ups of chronic health problems [while respecting your values].”

“We believe that it is not only essential to promote disease prevention exercises and health-related education but also to work as a team with our colleagues, such as medical specialists and other health practitioners. [Translation]” 

Source : Family doctor | Post-MD studies (

Medical Specialist

“Our medical specialists provide the best possible tools for diagnosis, follow-ups, and patient treatments.”

“They work with patients of all ages to prevent and heal diseases by assessing, diagnosing, prescribing medications, and treating and giving advice depending on their specialisation. Patients can thus maintain good health, improve their condition, and recover. [Translation]”

Source : Government of Quebec (2022) | Medical specialist | Career  

Health Practitioner

“Our health practitioners provide patient care using different methods and manipulations. By conducting one-on-one interviews with patients, they assess their needs or the nature of their health problem, use natural medical technics, and can refer the patients to other health practitioners. [Translation]”

Source : Jobboom (2022) | Health Practitioner | Main duties.
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